Sleep Apnea And Your Overall Health

If you have unaddressed problems with your sleep, you can have a tougher time managing your overall health. Beyond just causing you to snore, problems with sleep apnea can leave you with issues like headaches, fatigue, a recurring problem with a sore throat, and a lack of focus. Beyond impacting your mood and causing uncomfortable symptoms, it can also have more serious consequences—for instance, it can make controlling your blood pressure more difficult. To address the problem, your Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist can recommend that you start using a custom oral appliance to maintain regular breathing. When in place, the guard will hold your jaw in a position that keeps your airways clear, so you no longer have to worry about obstructions that halt your breathing.

Sleep Apnea Can Have Real Consequences For Your Health

Obstructive sleep apnea stops your breathing for extended periods of time as soft tissues in your throat block the pathways for air. While snoring occurs when airways are partly obstructed, this condition can lead to snoring, choked and awkward breathing, and stretches without oxygen that force your body to break your rest cycle and wake up to address the obstruction. This interference with your oxygen levels will affect your blood pressure, and that can make you more vulnerable to hypertension. Problems with your rest cycle can make it more difficult for you to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of sleep, which can lead to multiple issues that will have to be managed.

Looking For Signs That Sleep Apnea Is A Problem For You

There are several issues to look out for if you think sleep apnea might be a problem for you. Your susceptibility to this condition can be affected by several factors. For example, someone who is overweight can be more vulnerable to it, and so can someone who has a deviated septum or a large neck. Another risk factor is a family history with this condition. An assessment of your rest can help you look out for both warning signs and factors that suggest you should be on the lookout for this problem.

How A Custom Oral Appliance Improves Breathing During The Night

Once it is determined that sleep apnea is affecting you, we can recommend that you start treatment with a custom oral appliance. Your custom-made sleep guard will change the position of your jaw to keep your airways open, letting you sleep soundly and breathe without difficulty.

Talk To Your Livonia/Detroit, MI Area Dentist About Sleep Apnea Treatment

By taking care of your sleep apnea issues, you can see several improvements to your emotional and physical health. If you would like to learn more about how our practice can help you, contact your Livonia/Detroit, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.