Sleep Apnea’s Disruptive Qualities

If you lack focus, have trouble with your mood and short-term memory, and even struggle to stay awake during the day, it could point to issues with sleep apnea. This problem affects a person during the night by disrupting their breathing while they sleep. Repeated disruptions force your body out of its resting state, breaking your sleep cycle and interfering with the recovery that is meant to take place overnight. At our Livonia/Detroit, MI area dentist’s office, we can provide support through treatment for this condition. Because we offer oral appliance therapy to those dealing with obstructive sleep apnea, we can offer a meaningful form of support that does not require the use of a CPAP machine, which patients can sometimes find difficult to adjust to wearing.

Is Sleep Apnea Affecting Your Quality Of Life?

Sleep apnea can become a serious issue for your quality of life and health. After all, when left untreated it will effectively block you from enjoying a full night’s rest. That can lead to frustrating difficulties with lowered energy levels, trouble managing your mood, and even problems keeping mental and physical health issues under control. The condition can also cause people to experience high blood pressure and trouble with an irregular heartbeat.

Problems To Look Out For If You Think You Might Suffer From Nightly Breathing Difficulties

How can you be sure that your recent issues are connected to sleep apnea? The knowledge that you snore can certainly point to trouble. With that said, this is just one of many warning signs to look for if you worry about this condition. You may also find that your energy levels have depleted, and that you have a more difficult time with focus and short term memory. Certain risk factors that make you susceptible to this condition include being overweight, having a family history of the condition, or having certain physical features such as a large neck or deviated septum.

Appliance Therapy Can Help You Enjoy A Better Night’s Rest

Through oral appliance therapy, we are able to help those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. An alternative to the CPAP machine treatment, appliance therapy will rely on a custom oral appliance that essentially keeps your airways open throughout the night. It does this by adjusting the position of your jaw so that there are no longer issues of airway interference.

Talk To Your Livonia/Detroit, MI Dentist’s Office About Sleep Apnea’s Disruptive Qualities

Through treatment for sleep apnea, our practice can help patients who suffer from issues with their energy levels, mood, and health. We can both help you determine if this condition affects you and provide relief in the form of oral appliance therapy! For more information, contact your Livonia, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.