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Stretch Livonia MIIf you struggle with your sleep, you should know that you are not alone. Two of the most common sleep disorders center around the mouth and neck and both can be dangerous for your lasting health. Bruxism is the term for overnight grinding and if your jaw is active during sleep, speak with a trained health professional about your options in protecting your enamel from wear. Today, we will focus on another prevalent condition known as sleep apnea.

Chronic obstructive sleep apnea occurs in about one in every ten American men. Women are less likely to experience this condition, but the numbers are not much better for the fairer sex. This disorder occurs during our deepest form of sleep. Your body becomes so relaxed that your throat softens just enough that the tissue lays atop itself. When your airway is blocked, you can experience pauses in breath. Dr. James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI offers you a non-surgical solution to your sleep apnea. An oral appliance can keep you breathing through the night!

How Apnea Affects You

Chronic obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which the structure of the throat softens during rest and prevents you from fully breathing. Your deepest form of sleep is known as rapid eye movement, or REM. In this period, the nerve that gives you the power to swallow can become highly relaxed. As this happens, your throat structure becomes softer. If this material blocks your airway, it can prevent you from breathing fully.

As your body senses the decrease in oxygen, your brain triggers you to wake up. You can produce a loud sound while waking that sounds similar to snoring. If your loved ones have mentioned your problem snoring, it may be a sign of this condition. Take your sleep seriously and discuss your options with a trained professional who has knowledge of the science.

An Oral Appliance Offers A Non-Surgical Solution

There are a few methods of treatment for sleep apnea, including CPAP machines and even surgery. Try a less obtrusive oral appliance before you reach for those solutions. This method slightly adjusts the location of your jaw forward, which prevents your throat tissue from creating a blockage in your airway.

An oral appliance allows you to continue your nightly rest with minimal invasiveness. This approach can also assist in the protection of your enamel from bruxism. Keep your blood oxygen levels up and feel better throughout the day with an oral appliance.

Dedicated Sleep Science In Livonia, MI

Call Dr. James Stewart, DDS at (734) 425-4400 in Livonia, MI to learn more about sleep apnea. Schedule an appointment for a consultation today and see how an oral appliance could help you to rest deeper with less interruption.