When Should I Seek Professional Help For Sleep Apnea?

Livonia, MI, dentist can help treat sleep disorders

The quality of your sleep can affect your overall health. If your slumber is often interrupted by loud snoring and blocked airways, it can cause several side effects on your physical and mental well-being. Your Livonia, MI, dentist can help diagnose and treat your symptoms so you can rest better. The first step is identifying the problem with the help of an assessment. Today, we’ll explore what signs to look out for that could be an indicator of a disorder.

You Snore Frequently And Loudly

One of the most common indicators that you have a sleep disorder is loud, frequent snoring. Your snoozes may cause you to wake yourself, or other family members, at night. Occasional snores could be caused by temporary problems like a poor sleep position, allergies, or sleep deprivation. You may be able to stop your snores by changing the way you lay in bed, treating your allergies, and improving your sleep schedule. However, if the problem persists after making these improvements, professional treatment may be necessary. You can take our assessment to help determine if this could be a side effect of a more concerning health problem.

You Feel Tired Throughout The Day

You may not notice your rest interruptions throughout the night, but your body does. Blocked airways and waking up periodically throughout the night can make it difficult to enter a deep sleep. Frequent movement throughout the night and difficulty breathing can interfere with your body’s ability to rest and reset for the next day fully. As a result, you may feel fatigued and have trouble concentrating on your tasks. This can be harmful to your well-being, as it can be dangerous to drive when you are extremely tired. It can also impact your ability to work, accomplish tasks at home, and more.

You Have Experienced Changes In Your Health And Mood

Your poor quality of rest can continue to worsen over time if it is not treated. This can result in increased feelings of depression and anxiety. This can be harmful to your health and well-being as it can affect your relationships and other aspects of your life. Additionally, this disorder can also cause high blood pressure, weight gain, and other concerns.

One of these above-mentioned symptoms on its own may not be an indicator of a problem. However, a combination of several of these may be a sign that there is a chronic condition that needs to be treated. We can help diagnose the problem by taking your symptoms, health history, and other factors into consideration. Then, a helpful treatment plan can be created to help relieve your symptoms and get better rest.

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