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My Throat Hurts! Why And What Can I Do? 

If you are aware that something isn’t quite right with your sleep and you’re also noticing that you have a chronically sore throat in the mornings, you may be doing your best to piece the details together but realize that you’re just coming up empty. What might be happening that’s causing this symptom, you wonder,… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: What If I Don’t Remember It Happening?

You may catch wind of sleep apnea and think to yourself, wow, that sounds a lot like what I’m going through! However, you may worry about that one particular detail: The fact that many patients wake up and return to sleep so quickly that they don’t remember the actually event itself. This may cause you… Read more »

Sleep Care: 3 T-Words To Keep In Mind

When you’re not sleeping as well as you could (or you suspect this is the case because you are so extremely tired), there’s something tugging at you, telling you to visit our Livonia, MI team for assistance. However, there’s another part of you that makes you want to just hope for the best, ignore the… Read more »

Role Reversal: What If Your Spouse Had Sleep Apnea?

When you’re introduced to the concept that your symptoms you experience on a daily basis are connected with something called sleep apnea, you may not have a very strong reaction. That is, aside from rolling your eyes, brushing it off completely, or running in the opposite direction. We know that learning you may require sleep… Read more »

Sleep Disorder Treatment Protects Your…

What are you really treating when you decide to come to us for sleep disorder care, such as sleep apnea treatment? When you call our Livonia, MI team up to schedule a consultation, of course, you are thinking that you’re treating a symptom. Maybe you’re getting headaches or you’re tired. However, our team would like… Read more »

3 Things You May Continue When Receiving Sleep Apnea Treatment

You may think that the second you begin sleep apnea treatment to help lessen the severity and hopefully resolve your sleep disorder, you should stop any and all other efforts to address your sleep apnea. We understand! You may worry that something else is going to interfere with this professional treatment we have provided. Or,… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Symptoms: What If They Represent Something Else?

So, you are fairly certain that you’re experiencing sleep apnea symptoms. You’ve looked them up from reliable sources and things match up. You’re definitely tired on a daily basis. However, you are also well aware that it’s never wise to simply symptom spot on your own and to assume you’re spot-on … you could be… Read more »

How Sleep Apnea Treatment Makes You Less Cranky

Boy, have you been cranky lately! Not only do you feel like you’re annoyed when you wake up because you feel so exhausted but you cannot seem to make it even a few steps into the routine of your daily life without feeling like snapping at someone (even if they say something nice). Curious about… Read more »

3 Things You Should Take as Signs of Sleep Apnea

Having sleep apnea means that, every once in a while, certain of your mouth and throat tissues collapse into your airway. This makes it impossible for you to breathe for a few moments, until your body is disturbed from its rest and forced to clear the airway. Fortunately, we can help many patients in Livonia,… Read more »

Questions And Answers: What’s Sleep Apnea All About?

You may hear lots of things from lots of people. You may also read lots of details online if you know that it’s sleep apnea likely making it difficult for you to sleep. However, the more you hear and read, the more confused you may end up becoming in regard to what’s really happening and… Read more »