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Sleep Apnea Headaches: FAQs

Are you suffering from sleep apnea and have recently begun to wonder if your headaches are related? Perhaps you have not yet received a diagnosis for this sleep disorder but all signs are suggesting it’s something that you require treatment for ASAP. For a definitive diagnosis, we encourage to come in to learn whether you’re… Read more »

What Causes Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea can impact as many as 12 million people in the United States. But what causes sleep apnea to develop? How does this impact your health and ability to sleep? Understanding the factors behind OSA can help you make changes in your life to sleep better, or to know when you should see… Read more »

FAQs: Do You Need Treatment?

Sleep apnea impacts millions of people in the United States, causing poor sleep and a number of other complications. By treating the issue, you can sleep better and enjoy improved quality of life. Do you need treatment for obstructive sleep apnea?

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea?

When you encounter one or more symptoms of sleep apnea, you can take a sleep assessment on our website. If one or more questions match your experiences, you can visit our office for a diagnosis and to discuss treatment options. But what are the common symptoms of this sleep disorder?

How Does A Sleep Assessment Work?

We need our sleep! Without proper rest, we can be irritable, have trouble functioning at work or school, and watch our quality of life drop. However, millions of people in the United States have trouble sleeping due to a serious disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). If you think you could be at risk,… Read more »

Quiz: Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Without treatment, obstructive sleep apnea can lead to a higher risk of depression, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. You should be aware of the potential symptoms of the disorder and see the dentist for treatment. What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?

What Changes Can I Make To Alleviate Symptoms?

Lately, we’ve been discussing treatment options to address obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). However aside from oral appliances and CPAP machines, you can also make changes to help alleviate symptoms. By altering your daily habits, including how you sleep, you can reduce the severity of sleep apnea and help yourself rest better.

Do You Need A Sleep Assessment?

If you suffer from frequent exhaustion and other signs of obstructive sleep apnea, (OSA) then you may need treatment. Otherwise, the quality of your life, and your overall health, can continue to suffer. To help decide if you need to see our team, you should consider taking a sleep assessment. From there, you can assess… Read more »

What Symptoms Should I Be Aware Of?

While we know that millions of people suffer from sleep apnea, there are many that have no idea they have a sleep disorder. They just assume their daytime exhaustion or chronic snoring is just a natural part of life. Instead of seeking treatment, their quality of life just continues to erode. Understanding the possible warning… Read more »

5 Lifestyle Changes To Combat OSA

We often treat sleep apnea, also known as OSA, with an oral appliance, a CPAP machine, or a combination of the two. However, can also recommend lifestyle changes to combat OSA, such as changing your sleeping routine. Are you ready to make chances and enjoy a better night’s rest?