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Physical And Emotional Troubles Linked To Sleep Apnea

The quality of your rest at night can determine how much energy you have throughout the next day. If you frequently fail to enjoy an adequate amount of sleep, you can experience issues with irritability, short-term memory struggles, and difficulty maintaining a positive mood. Your physical well-being can also be negatively impacted as your body… Read more »

Can I Address Sleep Apnea By Changing Certain Behaviors?

If you frequently feel tired, irritable, and unfocused, you should be concerned about a potential issue with poor sleep. Sleep apnea is often known to people as an issue linked to snoring. What they may not realize is how much impact this condition can have on a person’s health due to its effect on their… Read more »

Understanding Your Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

When sleep apnea is not being treated, you can struggle with more potential problems than you might realize. As your condition continues to affect you, it can cause embarrassing snoring problem, fatigue, issues with irritability and short-term memory, and even problems with your heart rate and blood pressure! Issues with snoring and sleep apnea can… Read more »

Is Snoring The Only Symptom Of Sleep Apnea?

If you are snoring on a regular basis, you may be concerned about sleep apnea. Of course, many people have no idea that they have a snoring problem because they sleep alone, or because they are not interrupting their partner’s rest. Recognizing a problem with sleep apnea is important. If the problem is not addressed,… Read more »

Am I Snoring At Night Because I Have Sleep Apnea?

If you know that you have a problem with snoring, you can feel self-conscious about it, and you may worry about the cause of this problem. Snoring is one of the symptoms that can be present when a person is struggling with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea disturbs a person’s sleep throughout the night, and effectively… Read more »

Recognizing The Symptoms Linked To Sleep Apnea

Sure, you seem to be tired most days, even when you slept through the night without issue, and your partner is growing concerned about your snoring. Is it really time to start worrying about sleep apnea? At our Livonia, MI clinic, we can speak to patients about the potential harm that untreated sleep apnea can… Read more »

Identifying The Right Way To Address Your Sleep Apnea

If you regularly feel a sense of fatigue during the day, struggle with headaches and other issues during your mornings, and have a tendency to snore, it may be because of sleep apnea. When a person experiences sleep apnea, their breathing is interrupted while they sleep, which pulls their body out of their rest cycle…. Read more »

3 Reasons You Should Make Sleep Apnea Treatment A Priority

You know you have been snoring lately, and you frequently wake up with a sore throat and headache. You also feel tired most days, even when you believe you enjoyed a full night’s rest. These issues can affect a person who is suffering from sleep apnea, and they should be taken seriously. As time passes,… Read more »

How Do I Talk To My Partner About Their Nightly Snoring?

What can you do if your partner frequently snores, interfering with your ability to rest at night? You may feel uncomfortable talking to them about it, and they may have little idea of how they can address the matter on their own. Even if it feels awkward, saying something can be beneficial, as treatment can… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Can Cause Symptoms Of Exhaustion To Affect You

You went to bed at a decent hour, and you have no memory of waking up in the middle of the night, so why do you feel so tired during the day? It can be hard to avoid days where you feel exhausted, but if the problem is a frequent one, and there is no… Read more »