Oral Appliance Therapy And Your Nightly Rest

When you regularly enjoy a full night’s rest, you enjoy more energy throughout the day, you can have an easier time maintaining a healthy mood, and you can have an easier time preserving your overall well-being. If you go through a period where your sleep is disrupted, you can quickly come to appreciate just how much its loss can affect you. Unfortunately, many people find themselves unable to rest properly because of sleep apnea. You may not remember waking up throughout the night, but the interruptions in your breathing can force your body out of its sleeping state enough to break your rest cycles. At our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office, we can help you determine if sleep apnea treatment is something that you require.

Sleep Apnea Can Cause Issues With Daily Fatigue, Snoring, And More

Obstructive sleep apnea robs a person of their ability to complete their rest cycles due to frequent interruptions in breathing. If you do not address this issue, the problems you experience can gradually worsen as you go longer without a proper night’s rest. That can lead to a reduction in energy, changes in your mood, and difficulties with concentration and short-term memory. Sleep apnea can also negatively affect your physical health by raising your blood pressure and making you more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat.

Using Oral Appliance Therapy To Correct Nightly Breathing Difficulties

For patients affected by sleep apnea, we can often recommend treatment that does not require a CPAP machine. Instead, we can recommend that you use a custom sleep guard designed to keep your airways unobstructed. When you wear yours, it will hold your jaw in the appropriate position to stop obstructions created by soft tissues in your throat. By making this change, you can stay asleep throughout the night and recover the important benefits of resting properly!

Not Sure If Sleep Apnea Affects You? An Assessment Can Help

An assessment can help you determine if you need to see someone about sleep apnea. Snoring can be the symptom that people are most familiar with, but not everyone has someone who can tell them that they snore. The following issues can make you more likely to experience this problem:

  • People who are overweight can be more vulnerable to sleep apnea
  • Someone who regularly drinks alcohol in the evenings can be more likely to experience sleep apnea
  • A family history of this condition can be a concern
  • A deviated septum can make you more likely to have sleep apnea

Talk To Your Livonia/Detroit, MI Dentist About Oral Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea

Through oral appliance therapy, you can put problems with sleep apnea behind you and feel more energized, focused, and comfortable. To find out more, contact your Livonia/Detroit, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.