Using A Custom Guard To Address Sleep Apnea

When you feel as though you never enjoy restful sleep, or your partner expresses concerns about your snoring and audible breathing difficulties during the night, you should be concerned about sleep apnea. Problems with obstructive sleep apnea stem from obstructions of your airways that affect your ability to remain asleep throughout the night. Until this is dealt with, the interference with your breathing will continue to stop you from remaining at rest and completing your sleep cycles. Fortunately, this is something that your Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist can address. Through oral appliance therapy, we can stop this problem by adjusting your jaw in order to keep your breathing passages clear.

Have You Been Ignoring Signs Of Sleep Apnea?

There are several signs of sleep apnea that can be identified and brought to your dentist’s attention. Not everyone has someone in their life who can alert them to their issues with snoring, but there are other symptoms to look out for. They include problems with fatigue, even on nights where you believed you received a full night’s rest, difficulties with focus and mood, elevated blood pressure, and more frequent difficulties with headaches and discomfort from a sore throat.

Using A Custom Oral Guard To Improve Nightly Breathing

If you are someone who may need help with their nightly rest, we can recommend that you start using a custom oral guard. When in place, your sleep appliance will hold your jaw in a way that prevents the partial or full obstruction of your breathing passages by soft tissues in your throat. When that interference no longer affects you, your body can remain asleep, as there will be no need to awaken and deal with your loss of air.

How Untreated Sleep Troubles Can Impact You

Treating problems with sleep apnea will do more than just help you stay at rest and put a stop to snoring. Without the appropriate intervention, your condition can continue to make controlling your blood pressure difficult, and that can leave you vulnerable to more serious health issues. You can also develop a problem with an irregular heartbeat. The prolonged interference with your rest can have a harmful impact on your emotional and mental well-being, too, as fatigue can leave you unfocused and irritable, and it can make managing your mental health harder.

Talk To Your Livonia/Detroit, MI Dentist About Using A Custom Oral Guard To Treat Sleep Apnea

While CPAP machines are often used to treat issues with sleep apnea, they are not always needed. At our practice, Dr. James Stewart can help you manage your condition by providing a custom oral guard to keep your airways clear. By helping you maintain open breathing passages while you sleep, we can help you enjoy the important health benefits of rest! For more information about sleep apnea treatment, contact your Livonia/Detroit, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.