A Non-Invasive Therapy For Your Sleep Disorder

Waking Up Healthy Livonia MIIf you struggle with your nightly rest, it could be a sign that you should speak with a trained oral health professional. Two of the five most common sleep disorders in this country are related to your mouth and throat, and both of these conditions can really impact the quality of your life. Talk to a helpful provider in order to learn more about your options in treatment.

At our dental office in Livonia, MI, we help patients to improve the quality of their sleep through the use of a non-invasive oral appliance. This form of therapy aims to gently protect your health with a slim BPA-free mouthguard that you wear throughout the night. Appliances help treat your overnight grinding by serving as a barrier between your teeth, keeping your smile safe from enamel erosion and shifting alignment. Appliance treatment is also beneficial for those with sleep apnea through a simple repositioning of your jaw, giving you a full night of healthy breathing. Ask your provider about whether this option is right for you!

Sleep Disorders Can Affect Your Ability To Breathe Overnight

When you live with chronic obstructive sleep apnea, it can impact your ability to breathe properly overnight, which can become a serious medical concern if you ignore your condition. Apnea refers to momentary pauses in breathing during sleep, and this commonly occurs when throat tissue becomes a little too soft as you rest. This can cause loud and worrisome snoring, so if your loved ones have brought up their concerns about your breathing when you nap, it may be time to talk to an oral health professional about your situation.

An Oral Appliance Can Help You Experience A Full Night Of Healthy Sleep

Sometimes, people avoid seeking treatment for chronic obstructive sleep apnea, and this may be due to the intrusion of CPAP machines or surgery. Instead of ignoring your sleep disorder, talk to your provider about the possibility of an oral appliance. This method of treatment is less invasive than many others, allowing you to breathe freely and protect your smile.

Oral appliances help treat chronic obstructive sleep apnea by gently repositioning your jaw slightly forward during your nightly rest. Often, this is enough to keep your airway open overnight, as it prevents your throat tissue from contact. Appliance-based therapy can also be helpful in the management of troublesome teeth grinding, as well, so talk to your dentist about all of your sleep disorder concerns at your consultation.

Talk To A Trained Sleep Science Expert In Livonia, MI

Have your loved ones mentioned their concern over your snoring? Ask your dentist about whether an oral appliance is right for you with a call to (734)425-4400, and schedule an appointment with Dr. James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI!