Tired Before Lunch? Learn More About Common Sleep Disorders

Tired Before Lunch? Livonia MIIf you are having trouble getting moving in the morning, it could be a sign that it is time to speak with a professional. When you find that you are already tired before lunch, this may be a symptom of a common sleep disorder that is preventing you from receiving a full night of uninterrupted rest. Two of the five most common of these conditions actually relate to the structures of your mouth and throat, so an oral health professional can be a great place to start.

With the team of slumber experts at our sleep clinic in Livonia, MI, you have the opportunity to better understand your rest. This is a positive first step in finding a comfortable solution to treat your common sleep disorder, helping you to know what is happening overnight. Problems such as bruxism and chronic obstructive sleep apnea can be seriously harmful to your health, so take some time to talk with someone about treatment. Your common sleep disorder does not have to hold you back!

Bruxism Can Affect Your Smile If Left Untreated

Teeth grinding is one of the most common unconscious habits, and for most people, it does not pose long-term harm for their smile. Some people, however, can struggle with this action when it happens overnight. During the day, you might be able to reroute this energy into chewing healthy snacks or tapping your toes instead, but at night, it is difficult to stop on your own. This is called sleep bruxism, and it can erode the enamel from the tops of your teeth.

Talk to your provider about the possibility of a night guard to help protect your teeth overnight. With the use of a simple custom mouthguard, you can prevent your teeth from colliding during sleep. Night guards can help you to wake up feeling better by giving your jaw a rest!

Discover A Simpler Sleep Apnea Treatment With An Oral Appliance

Others may struggle with overnight breathing due to a common sleep disorder known as chronic obstructive sleep apnea. This condition can sometimes mask as problem snoring, so if your loved ones have mentioned their concerns about your rest, make the effort to talk with your provider. With obstructive sleep apnea, your airway becomes blocked by your own throat, and an oral appliance provides a non-surgical solution for your treatment. Ask your provider about whether an oral appliance is right for you!

Learn More About Sleep Disorders With Our Livonia, MI Team

When you find that you are exhausted before noon, take some time to talk to a trusted team of sleep science experts about finding a solution. To learn more about bruxism and sleep apnea, call Dr. James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI at (734)425-4400!