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Second-Hand Sleep Disorder Effects

When you’re exhausted during the day and feel frustrated with morning headaches, you’re doing a lot of thinking about yourself. For good reason, of course – losing sleep will result in a long list of uncomfortable side effects that impact everything from your social life to your physical wellbeing. However, have you stopped to think… Read more »

2 Reasons You’re Tired

Interestingly enough, you can think you must have enjoyed a full, solid night of sleep but wake up feeling surprisingly exhausted the next day. Continue on with this cycle for several days – if not weeks or months – and you will find yourself faced with serious exhaustion that can affect many areas of your life…. Read more »

Who Can Help Me Stop Snoring?

When it comes to snoring that does not seem to let up, you may begin to feel like you are not sure where to turn. For instance, you may have tried over-the-counter (OTC) products, which insist they will help keep your air passages open but you end up snoring anyway. Rather than feeling defeated, we… Read more »

Snoring 101

You know that you snore, anyone who has ever been in the same house as you while you sleep knows that you snore – you’re a snorer. However, what exactly is happening when you snore? Why is this happening to you and not someone else? Fortunately, the answers are quite simple. Even better news? We… Read more »

Oral Appliance Therapy Refresher

Are you somewhat familiar with the fact that we offer oral appliance therapy as sleep apnea treatment? Do you have a fuzzy recollection of what this means but you seem to have forgotten the details? If you are in the process of figuring out what to do to treat your sleep apnea or snoring problems,… Read more »

Quick Tips: Avoid Holiday Snoring

Have you been planning on visiting us to discuss your snoring and to find out if you may be suffering from sleep apnea? If you are still without our snoring treatment to alleviate this loud nighttime interruption, remember that professional care is essential in promoting sound sleep. For now, however, you may feel extremely worried about… Read more »

Second-Hand Snoring: A Quiz

If anyone has ever complained about your nightly snoring, you are running the risk of causing second-hand snoring. Have you always assumed that this loud, annoying noise that you’re creating while you sleep is something that is certainly worthy as the punch line of a joke or two – but that it’s not something to… Read more »

Snoring Vs. Sleep Apnea: A Quiz

When you first begin learning about what’s wrong with your nightly sleep, you may find yourself a bit confused by terms. After all, snoring and sleep apnea both start with the letter “s” and are both disruptive to your ability to snooze soundly through the night. However, as you begin learning more about these sleep… Read more »

Do You Know Why We Snore?

Snoring is a common occurrence. It is estimated that close to half the population of adults sometimes snores and a quarter are chronic snorers. Snoring becomes more frequent with age. More men than women snore. And being overweight contributes to snoring. Snoring is like bruxing (the chronic habit of grinding and clenching your teeth). You… Read more »

Does Snoring Mean You Have Sleep Apnea?

Are you being nudged, shaken, or elbowed during the night from your sleep partner because of your snoring? It is estimated that 90 million Americans snore, so there is a good chance you may be getting nudged. If so, both you and your partner are losing sleep and it can be frustrating. People don’t want… Read more »