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What You Can Do To Stop Snoring

A good night’s sleep does more than rejuvenate your energy and mood, children grow during sleep and when they say “sleep is the best medicine” that could be because you can heal while you are sleeping, too. More things go on while you are sleeping than just dreaming. One not so good thing that happens… Read more »

Health Benefits Of Sleep

When you become exhausted all you can think of is sleep. Being tired can make you grumpy, give you a headache, and more, but you know that after a good night’s sleep you will feel much better. But sleep doesn’t just rest your body and reenergize you. Sleep keeps you healthy. Adequate sleep not only… Read more »

How to Stop Snoring

We often find that patients assume snoring is simply a fact of life. Some people snore, some people don’t. What you may overlook, however, is that snoring can take a serious toll on your daily comfort as well as that of a significant other. You may wake up during the night, wake your significant other,… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Refresher Course

Some patients may have come to understand the many negative side effects of sleep apnea but still feel unsure of exactly how to define this problem. First, we encourage all patients to become familiar with the basics of this sleep disorder. By understanding the underlying cause and effect, the details surrounding the symptoms and the appropriate… Read more »

Social Side Effects of Sleep Apnea

You may recognize the physical significance of losing sleep as a result of sleep apnea. This is the condition that occurs when your throat muscles collapse during sleep, cutting off your airways. You will wake with a start, gasp for air, and fall asleep again – this event is often over so quickly that patients… Read more »

Daytime Sleepiness and Automobile Accidents

One of the most common activities most of us do every day is to drive. If you have a job, you most likely drive. If you go to school, and you’re older than 16, you probably drive. Unless you live in a big city where public transportation is the norm, you may be driving hours… Read more »

Do Dogs Dream?

Have you noticed your dog’s legs performing the running motion while your dog is asleep? Does your dog woof or whimper while sleeping? You may be wondering if your dog dreams. In today’s sleep blog, your Livonia, MI dentist, Dr. James Stewart, discusses a dog’s dream life.

More Interesting Sleep Facts

In his last sleep blog, Dr. Stewart shared 10 interesting sleep facts. Everyone needs sleep and sleep life is both mysterious and fascinating and today your Livonia, MI dentist, Dr. James Stewart, will share more interesting sleep facts.

Interesting Sleep Facts

Everyone needs sleep. Sometimes getting sleep can be an issue. Sometimes falling to sleep can be an issue. But either way there has been a lot of research done on sleeping and dreaming, sleep schedules, the amount of sleep people of all ages require, etc., etc. In today’s sleep blog, your Livonia, MI dentist, Dr. James… Read more »

Catnap: Why Cats Sleep So Much

Do you ever wish you were a cat? Then you would be able to lie around most of the day sleeping. They seem to know how to relax. They don’t have to fight rush-hour traffic, work all day, come home and make their own meals; all they do is sleep, sleep, sleep. In today’s sleep… Read more »