Is My Partner Snoring Due To Sleep Apnea?

If your partner snores, it can make sleep harder for you to enjoy. What you should know is that they may be suffering from a lack of restful sleep, too, as their loud breathing could be a sign of sleep apnea! When airway obstructions force a person out of rest, it stops them from enjoying a full night’s sleep, which makes their time in bed less beneficial. Over time, obstructive sleep apnea can leave a person restless and irritable, interfere with their focus and short-term memory, and create issues for their physical health. Your Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist is here to help if you or your partner may be suffering from sleep apnea. With a custom oral appliance, we can resolve problems with airway interference and let a patient enjoy truly restful sleep once again. (more…)

Sleep Apnea’s Toll On Your Physical Health

Is there any reason to rush if you think you need help managing sleep apnea? People often associate this problem with snoring, but you should be aware that it can also cause several worrying problems for your overall health. Someone affected by sleep apnea can struggle to feel focused and energized on a typical day, which can affect them socially and professionally. Because you are not sleeping properly, you can also struggle with issues that affect your short-term memory and mood. There are also worrying physical effects to consider. For example, problems with sleep apnea can lead to higher blood pressure! At our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office, we are prepared to meet with individuals who have problems with sleep apnea, and we can often offer treatment with a custom oral appliance instead of a CPAP machine! (more…)

Enjoy Better Rest With An Oral Appliance

Until you do something about obstructive sleep apnea, your nightly breathing difficulties will keep you from enjoying a full night’s rest. This is a problem that can cause more disruption in your life than you anticipate. Sleep apnea can force a person out of rest throughout the night, breaking their sleep cycle. This can lead to chronic fatigue, problems with short-term memory and mood, and other issues associated with sleep deprivation. As you look into treatment, you can find that oral appliance therapy can provide relief against this condition. Wearing your custom appliance will address breathing obstructions that are affecting your well-being. Your Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist can provide an appliance that is specifically made for you so that it can stay secure and provide needed relief. (more…)

Common Signs Of Sleep Apnea

There are several reasons to take sleep apnea seriously. If you think you have this condition, you should be aware that it can keep you from enjoying the important health benefits of rest, and that can cause several problems with your health and well-being over time. Many people know that there is a link between sleep apnea and snoring, but they do not know what other signs to watch out for to see if the condition affects them. Our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office can help you determine if you are at risk, and we can provide relief in the form of oral appliance therapy to stop this problem from hurting your health. (more…)

Can Treating Sleep Apnea Address Snoring?

If you are concerned about sleep apnea and embarrassed by a habit of snoring, your Livonia/Detroit, MI area dentist can help you! Those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea often snore during the night. This is because the physical interference of their soft tissues disrupts their breathing, leading to awkward, uncomfortable sounds. This disruption in air also leads to nightly interference with rest cycles, something that can cause worsening health issues over time. One treatment option we can recommend is oral appliance therapy. This approach relies on a custom appliance that keeps your breathing passages clear throughout the night, which will make it easier for you to remain at rest while also breathing quietly! (more…)

Treat Sleep Apnea With An Oral Appliance

When you live with sleep apnea, you live without proper rest, and that can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. The inability to sleep without interference can stop you from completing your rest cycles, which can leave you feeling groggy, distracted, and irritable. Over time, you can find it difficult to maintain your concentration and energy levels, and you can have a more difficult time managing other health problems. With a custom oral appliance, your Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist can help you tend to your issues with sleep apnea without a CPAP machine. Wearing your appliance while you rest will keep you from experiencing the breathing difficulties that break your sleep cycle and rob you of truly refreshing rest. (more…)

Can Sleep Apnea Lead To Hypertension?

You may feel that you have a grasp on what sleep apnea can do to you. Snoring and sleep apnea are often associated with each other. You can also be aware of sleep apnea’s ability to stop you from feeling rested and focused during the day. What you might not realize is that this problem can also create difficulties for you by raising your blood pressure! When not managed, your nightly breathing disruptions can cause spikes in your blood pressure that make you more likely to deal with hypertension. Fortunately, your Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist can help. We offer treatment for sleep apnea so that you can put this problem behind you. We can even make managing this problem easier than you expect by recommending oral appliance therapy! (more…)

Assessing Your Potential Sleep Apnea Risk

You have trouble staying focused and energized at work, you frequently wake up with a sore throat or headache, and you are growing increasingly self-conscious about your tendency to snore. Should you be worried about sleep apnea? These are common issues for someone who has this problem. At our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office, we can help you by providing a sleep apnea assessment. If you are struggling with this condition, we can recommend treatment. Rather than providing care with a CPAP machine, we can recommend oral appliance therapy to address your breathing trouble and help you enjoy a better night’s rest! (more…)

Is Sleep Apnea Causing My Fatigue?

Even a short list of responsibilities can feel frighteningly long when you lack energy. Does it feel as though fatigue is making every day more difficult for you? Are you unsure why you feel so tired after what you believed was a good night’s rest? For people who encounter these difficulties, sleep apnea treatment can be beneficial. Until it is addressed, sleep apnea can interfere with your rest cycles, which means your body gains fewer advantages from the time you spend in bed each night. In addition to causing fatigue, your problem can lead to embarrassing snoring issues and worrying changes in your physical health. Through treatment at our Livonia/Detroit, MI dental office, you can put these problems behind you and once again enjoy restful sleep! (more…)

Oral Appliance Therapy Can Treat Snoring

woman unhappy with snoring partnerWhen you learn that you have a tendency to snore, you can feel a sense of embarrassment. You may also feel guilt over the possibility that you are keeping your partner from enjoying restful sleep of their own. Discussing this matter with your Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist can be beneficial for several reasons. One is that by treating the matter, you can put a stop to loud, disruptive breathing while you rest that may disturb others. Another is that you can find out your issues are connected to sleep apnea, a problem that can seriously disrupt your overall health. Through oral appliance therapy to address your troubles, we can help you rest soundly and peacefully again. (more…)