Sleep Apnea Symptoms: What If They Represent Something Else?

So, you are fairly certain that you’re experiencing sleep apnea symptoms. You’ve looked them up from reliable sources and things match up. You’re definitely tired on a daily basis. However, you are also well aware that it’s never wise to simply symptom spot on your own and to assume you’re spot-on … you could be incorrect and may confuse one problem with another (after all, one symptom is often attributed to a variety of different concerns). We understand and agree with your thoughts. To help you feel better about trusting your instincts and following through with possibly receiving sleep apnea treatment from our Livonia, MI team, we have some suggestions!


How Sleep Apnea Treatment Makes You Less Cranky

Boy, have you been cranky lately! Not only do you feel like you’re annoyed when you wake up because you feel so exhausted but you cannot seem to make it even a few steps into the routine of your daily life without feeling like snapping at someone (even if they say something nice). Curious about whether it’s really your sleep disorder making you feel so grouchy? Fortunately, our Livonia, MI team can quickly reassure you that this type of mood shift is most certainly caused (at least in part) by sleep disorders. When you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re going to find that crankiness and associated problems will quickly crop up in your life. Learn more about how sleep apnea treatment can help you solve them.


3 Things You Should Take as Signs of Sleep Apnea

Having sleep apnea means that, every once in a while, certain of your mouth and throat tissues collapse into your airway. This makes it impossible for you to breathe for a few moments, until your body is disturbed from its rest and forced to clear the airway. Fortunately, we can help many patients in Livonia, MI, overcome their sleep apnea by custom-designing an oral appliance that promotes better breathing while they sleep. (more…)

OSA Treatment: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

There are certainly times when “one size fits all” is a welcome convenience. When you are buying gifts for those cousins you don’t see very often, for example. But “one size fits all” isn’t the best way to explore solutions for better sleep. In fact, personalized obstructive sleep apnea care in Livonia, Michigan is a much smarter, healthier and more convenient plan. Whether you are just beginning to explore OSA treatment options, or looking for experienced solutions to give relief, don’t settle for less than individual attention. (more…)

A Few Good Reasons To Treat Sleep Problems

Sometimes, even when you know you’re experiencing some sort of issue that has to do with your health that you should treat, you convince yourself it’s no big deal. This is particularly true of issues like sleep disorders, from snoring to sleep apnea. Why? Well, because they’re a bit mysterious to you, you’re not completely informed about the consequences, and you’re not really sure if it’s something that requires care. With this said, from our Livonia, MI team to you, we say: There are some very good reasons to treat sleep problems, even if you don’t recognize at first that the severity of their long-lasting side effects can be quite impactful on your life. Get started with some basics then come in to see us to learn more!


Questions And Answers: What’s Sleep Apnea All About?

You may hear lots of things from lots of people. You may also read lots of details online if you know that it’s sleep apnea likely making it difficult for you to sleep. However, the more you hear and read, the more confused you may end up becoming in regard to what’s really happening and what this sleep disorder is all about. Let our Livonia, MI team solve some of this for you, so you realize the root cause of your issue and what makes it possible for sleep apnea treatment to work so well!


How To Explain Sleep Apnea To Loved Ones

As you likely already know, when you talk about your snoring with loved ones, it tends to becomes a very comical topic. You may also get some glaring, cold stares from others (such as partners) who are interrupted nightly by the loud noise you produce! However, when you bring up sleep apnea and your sleep apnea treatment, you may be met with much more of a quizzical reaction. What is this sleep disorder? Is everyone supposed to forgive you for your loud snoring now (and why)? Our Livonia, MI team can help you sort through this part of your journey, so you can focus on getting more sleep!


It’s Nearly Christmas: What’s Sleep Got To Do With It?

The last thing you’re really thinking about in regard to Christmas is sleeping. What you’re thinking about is what everyone else is so excited about! There are presents to buy, presents to receive, meals to plan, shopping to complete, tables to set, decor to put up, and the list just keeps on going and growing. While this is all quite relevant and is certainly worth prioritizing, our Livonia, MI team reminds you that it’s equally important that you pay close attention to any of your unique needs if you deal with a sleep disorder. This time of year can be so busy that it throws things off for you, making sleep even more disrupted. We can help.


3 Ways To Get Proactive With Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of those things that you discover is there but that you may have a hard time fully embracing. You would love to hear that it was a mistake and actually, you don’t have it! Yet, the reality is: You need sleep apnea treatment and it’s time to get proactive, so you can get your sleep (and your life) back. The good news at the moment? Our Livonia, MI team urges you to remember that while you do need to take action, it’s really a very easy path toward improvement! Let’s get started.


No Need For Sleep Disorder Confusion: Come See Us!

If you happen to hear from a friend or family member that snoring is no laughing matter, you may suddenly ask yourself: Do I need to schedule a visit with my Livonia, MI dentist? Perhaps my snoring is serious business! Then, you learn about sleep apnea, as well, and you discover that you are having quite a lot of trouble sorting out just how severe your sleep disorder is, which disorder you’re experiencing, and more. Rather than grapple with any confusion, as your disorder continues to make it difficult to sleep, we suggest coming in for a consultation with our team! We are happy to help you get back to the rest you need and deserve.