A Comparison Of Sleep Apnea Treatments

shutterstock_140916436Suffering from a sleep disorder can feel like an uphill battle, especially when it’s often misdiagnosed. The symptoms you experience while awake can point to several other medical conditions including fatigue or depression. The most obvious symptoms often occur throughout the sleep cycle, making it difficult for patients to be aware of their happenings. However, treating sleep apnea is absolutely critical, especially if it’s been ongoing for an extended period of time. Without treatment, apnea has been known to increase risks for other health complications that affect vital organs like your heart and liver. So, let’s compare two treatment options for sleep apnea; CPAP machines and oral appliances. (more…)

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

shutterstock_307780226Sleep apnea is often overlooked because it occurs throughout the sleep cycle, meaning patients are typically unconscious when the condition affects them most. Even though you may experience symptoms throughout the day time, these are usually broad signs – like headaches or fatigue – that could also point to a number of other medical conditions. Excessively loud snoring that disrupts your sleep or the sleep of those around you is likely to indicate a sleep disorder that’s hindering your oxygen intake. In addition to snoring, someone else may notice that you’re having a difficult time breathing – or not breathing at all – for periods of time throughout the night. All of these signs likely point to issues you’re most likely unaware of, but there’s good news! Diagnosing sleep apnea is rather simple as there is only one test that can definitively determine the condition – a sleep study. (more…)

Second-Hand Sleep Disorder Effects

sleepapneacouple2When you’re exhausted during the day and feel frustrated with morning headaches, you’re doing a lot of thinking about yourself. For good reason, of course – losing sleep will result in a long list of uncomfortable side effects that impact everything from your social life to your physical wellbeing. However, have you stopped to think about the way the second-hand effects of your sleep disorder may disrupting the life of your loved one? Learn a bit more and seek snoring or sleep apnea treatment right away.


3 Sleep Apnea Myths Vs. Facts

shutterstock_203910985Sleep apnea can be difficult to diagnose since it occurs throughout your sleep cycle and many patients are unaware of their actions during. The symptoms that present with this sleep disorder can also point to other conditions such as fatigue or depression, leaving it often overlooked. There are many misunderstandings when it comes to sleep apnea – whether it be about diagnosing, treatments, or even just understanding the disorder in general. Often times, patients will think they’re “too young” or “too skinny” to be having these issues, but sleep apnea can be caused by a multitude of different things. So, let’s debunk those myths and give you the facts! (more…)

2 Reasons You’re Tired

twogoldInterestingly enough, you can think you must have enjoyed a full, solid night of sleep but wake up feeling surprisingly exhausted the next day. Continue on with this cycle for several days – if not weeks or months – and you will find yourself faced with serious exhaustion that can affect many areas of your life. Keep in mind, significant fatigue can result in severe problems with concentration, mood, and even your health. For a couple common reasons you may not feel well rested, such as the side effects of excessive snoring, learn a bit more.


Why You’ve Overlooked Sleep Apnea

womanworriedWhen we diagnose patients with sleep apnea and suggest sleep apnea treatment for improvement, we are often faced with patients who are just as overjoyed as they are disappointed. The upset tends to come with a particular question, along the lines of “how have I overlooked this problem for such a long time?” Keep in mind that identifying your own sleep disorder is often nearly impossible. Rather than feel guilty, we encourage you to focus on the solution and the fact that restful sleep is on the horizon. In addition, we would like to speak to what makes it so easy to live with this issue for such a long time.


Who Can Help Me Stop Snoring?

questionstickiesWhen it comes to snoring that does not seem to let up, you may begin to feel like you are not sure where to turn. For instance, you may have tried over-the-counter (OTC) products, which insist they will help keep your air passages open but you end up snoring anyway. Rather than feeling defeated, we encourage you to ask yourself the following question: “Who can help me stop snoring?” You will find that treatment for snoring lies in your own hands as well as ours.


Snoring 101

snoringstandYou know that you snore, anyone who has ever been in the same house as you while you sleep knows that you snore – you’re a snorer. However, what exactly is happening when you snore? Why is this happening to you and not someone else? Fortunately, the answers are quite simple. Even better news? We can help you address this sleep disorder with comfortable treatment for snoring. Learn more and remember to schedule a consultation with us right away.


Oral Appliance Therapy Refresher

womanthinkingAre you somewhat familiar with the fact that we offer oral appliance therapy as sleep apnea treatment? Do you have a fuzzy recollection of what this means but you seem to have forgotten the details? If you are in the process of figuring out what to do to treat your sleep apnea or snoring problems, we suggest you begin by scheduling a consultation to speak with us. In the meantime, receive a bit of clarification regarding what you can expect from a sleep appliance.


3 Reasons To Visit Us For Sleep Problems

whyworldAre you thinking there might be something wrong with your nightly sleep? If so, you may feel this way because you’re aware that you’re a loud snorer, you feel extremely tired during the day, or your concentration seems to have gone out the window. Feeling fatigued day after day is often a sign that you’re not sleeping all the way through the night. Rather than attempt to pretend everything is A-OK, we suggest visiting us for a sleep consultation. Feeling somewhat resistant to scheduling an appointment? Allow us to explain why you should call us right away.